Saved With Honu

Saved with Honu
Saved with Honu is now available for purchase.

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Saved with Honu is my story, written with honest emotion, and with a goal of helping someone out there. At the age of eleven the ball of my right femur broke off at the growth plate, and three surgeries later I have a fused hip. This experience triggered a change in me; I became disabled, which led to drinking, and eventually turned into a seven year depression. Once out of the depression I would live at half potential for another eleven years. My story is about positivity, and the required process to get from being buried in depression to being vibrantly alive. What makes this book unique is that I survived the turmoil of my emotion through poetic expression, and the back pages contain more than seventy poems written throughout my depression and recovery. I tell the story now because, it can do far more good for others, than it can do harm to me. Written with humor and insight, it’s a story about how I helped myself, and what I learned by doing it the hard way.

 Concerning my decision to self-publish, I did so to keep the story pure. I fear that a traditional publisher would strip the emotion and leave the pages lifeless.

Chapter 1       Miniature Cowboy

Chapter 2       Nothing for granted

Chapter 3       Dad 3.0, the real deal

Chapter 4       My Injury

Chapter 5       Recovery

Chapter 6       Introduction to the Dark Years

Chapter 7       Points of light through the Dark Years

Chapter 8       Losing religion

Chapter 9       Natural Helpers – Empathy and the Re-introduction of Memory

Chapter 10     Getting a chance

Chapter 11     College, gotta start somewhere!

Chapter 12     Love, my path to change

Chapter 13     Leap of faith

Chapter 14     Medicate, Educate, Love

Chapter 15     Finding my spirit

Chapter 16     Health and Spiritual wellness

Chapter 17     Training – keep it tough

Chapter 18     The Dream

Chapter 19     Achieving Goals

Chapter 20     Spirituality

Chapter 21     Insights

Chapter 22     Poetry through the ages

-       You are not alone poetry

-       Counting my blessings poetry

Saved with Honu, is a self published work by Arlo Lorenz - Copyright 2016 

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