EuroMed 2012
October 29 to November 3, 2012
Lemesos, Cyprus

"EuroMed2012 will enhance and strengthen international and regional cooperation and promote awareness and tools for future innovative research, development and applications to protect, preserve and document the European & World Cultural Heritage." How to Build a Dam and Save Cultural Heritage presented a short paper and poster summarizing the key issues surrounding cultural heritage before, during, and after dam construction as identified in the July workshop; as well as, some preliminary results of a months-long study tracking news stories to learn what people talk about when they talk about dams.

Cunliffe, E., M. de Gruchy, and E. Stammitti (2012) "How to Build a Dam and Save Cultural Heritage" International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era 1(supplement 1): 221-226.

July 18, 2012 
University of Leeds

"The conference, hosted by water@leeds, aims to engage with the dynamics of the water sector and its interfaces, including urbanisation, climate change and the ecosystem." How to Build a Dam and Save Cultural Heritage prepared a summary of the results of the workshop held July 6-7 presented by directors Emma Cunliffe and Michelle de Gruchy at Water4Life, making the case for cultural heritage as an additional important factor for consideration in dam development projects. 

How to Build a Dam and Save Cultural Heritage: A Workshop
July 6-7, 2012 
Dawson Building, Room D110
Department of Archaeology
Durham University
Durham DH1 3LE

This interdisciplinary workshop set the foundation and framework for future international sessions, bringing together specialists and interested parties to encourage a practical discussion about minimizing damage to cultural heritage during and after the construction of dam projects.