Meeting Agenda - Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Location:  Bay County Community Center
Time:  6:30 p.m.


Guest Speaker:  Canceled.
  • We had requested that a representative from Brian's House to come to the meeting. We have been informed that the persons we had asked are not available.

  • Latest questions sent to McLaren
  • Letter to People's Forum 
  • Speakers from Cartwright House and Toni and Trish House
Petition Discussion
  • This was brought up, briefly, at the last meeting.  We need to discuss this further.  We need to determine the following:
    • Goal of the petition
    • When, if we do decide to move forward with this,  do we want to start a petition drive
    • Wording on the petition
    • Volunteer as Petition Coordinator
Campaign Push
  • Ribbon Campaign - Keep distributing!
  • Flyer Campaign - Keep posting!
    • No print capabilities?  But would like to post, let us know we will get you a stack.
  • "My Stories"
    • We need your stories!  We will make the available on the website as well as use them on the portal posterboard
  • Portable Poster Board
    • If you have a place you would like to display it, PLEASE let us know.  We will have a check out system worked out.
  • Letter Writing Campaign
  • Free Media?  Know of any place where we can advertise our meetings or get our name out there for free?
  • Billboard
Building a Hospice from the Ground Up

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