We are not giving up.....and we need your help.

The Save Bethesda Committee is continuing our efforts to save this program, or find ways of creating a new program for young mothers. Stay tuned to this page for more info in the coming weeks.  If you are willing to help with committee efforts in the future please send an email to savebethesdalondon@gmail.com
How to get your Refund from the Salvation Army:
The Save Bethesda Committee is researching setting up a new program for the moms and babies in London and surrounding area and communicating with interested partners.

To get your donations made to Save Bethesda back please email


We hope you consider donating to the new program we are trying to set up for the future girls that will need our support. Thank you so much for all of your support in our effort this far.
Stay tuned to this page for more info in the coming weeks. We are not done yet!

Save Bethesda Committee.


On February 1st, 2012 the Salvation Army announced that they were closing Bethesda Centre.  The residents of Bethesda (young mother's and their infants), began a grass roots effort that has quickly grown to include community members, stakeholders, past Bethesda residents, friends, relatives and families.  We have formed a committee dedicated to SAVE BETHESDA.

We need you, our fellow community members to ACT now!  Time is of the essence, and we need to work with the Salvation
Army in order to achieve the goal of 1.5 million dollars by May 31st.

Let’s show everyone, especially the young mothers of Bethesda, that the community is definitely striving towards a common goal - SAVING BETHESDA - with not only words, but by our ACTIONS!!! 

The Bethesda Centre offers accommodation, counseling and support to young mothers during their pregnancy and after the birth of their babies. At Bethesda, the expecting mothers live in a supportive and positive residential environment where they are able to continue their education while also learning how to care for and     
nurture their babies.

The Bethesda Centre also encompasses a Second Stage Independent Living program for parenting young mothers and the Cantara Ch
ildcare and Parenting Resource Centre. 

Please send this website link to anyone and everyone who cares about our community and our future.  If you wish to provide a financial donation, click on the "DONATE NOW" menu tab.

On May 15th a press release indicated that Justin Bieber would be making a sizable donation from proceeds from his latest single "Turn to You" on iTunes.  Due to the fact that the money from this single will not be available for six months, and extension to the May 31st deadline is needed from the Salvation Army.  If you believe that this program deserves to be saved and is needed, please contact the Salvation army and express your concerns.


Ontario Great Lakes Divisional Headquarters
371 King St
London ON N6B 1S4

P 519-433-6106
F 519-433-0250


On behalf of the Save Bethesda Committee - We thank you for your support!!!