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"How Brave is Your Love?"
BATB Fan Campaign

        From March to April 26, 2013, Beauty & the Beast fans ("Beasties") all over the world participated in a fan campaign to let the CW, CBS Television Studios, Take 5 Productions/Whizbang Films, and Beauty & the Beast ("BATB") sponsors/advertisers know that we are not only watching BATB, but that BATB deserved a second season. I am so happy to announce that all the BATB Fan Campaigns from the book drive to the petitions to the fan collages to the internet streaming to the Twitter trending and social media takeovers were incredibly successful.

Thanks to all the Beasties who participated.

Thanks to all the cast & crew that helped spread the word about all the BATB Fan Campaign efforts to save the show.

Thanks to all the Beasties who dedicated their time & effort to organizing and promoting the campaigns.


Thank you to TPTB @ CW & CBS for giving BATB a Season 2, especially Mark Pedowitz (CW President) who has always had the shows back.

The FINAL COUNT for "HOW BRAVE IS YOUR LOVE? BATB FAN CAMPAIGN" was 513+ books & letters mailed to the CW from March 5 to April 26. 

The reason for the plus (+) sign? That's the number we're aware of from Beasties that filled out a form on this website. Some Beasties participated and didn't fill out the form, so it's safe to assume that more than 513 books arrived at the CW.

Regardless, the amount of books sent and the time & effort from Beasties helped to prove that we were watching & that the Nielson ratings were wrong.

Beasties ROARed. CW listened.

And for that we are grateful.

Not every fan campaign is successful. Most fan campaigns don't even start until way after the show was cancelled. Beasties were proactive. We were relentless. We made sure that our show wouldn't go down without a good fight.

As a result, we were successful.

Beauty & the Beast will have a Season 2.

Not that the fight ends here. Now we have to make sure that BATB gets a Season 3. More on what Beasties can do during the break to help the show later. For now, let's celebrate!

We did it, Beasties!!!
@OrangeMoon13, @BATBChile, & @AngieRedding put together this awesome video of Beasties doing the "happy dance" after finding out that Beauty & the Beast would get a Season 2. Enjoy!

Beasties Happy Dance (BATB Season 2 Woohoo!)

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