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Pocket Knife Key Chain This key chain is one of a kind! I recently visited eBay and couldn't find one like it. Makes for a great gift. Its real size is about 25% bigger than what is shown on the screen. Bid $10.00 and I'll ship it to you for free!








Dictionary of Pronunciation When my daughter gave me this book as a gift, I got the point. I couldn't recommend it to you more. Not that you pronounce badly. But perhaps you could make a subtle point to a close family member! Bid $10.00 or more for this book and shipping is free!

Gold Watch Not all that glitters is gold. And this is certainly true for this watch of mine. This Citizen watch was originally bought for $100.00 People always asked me if I was wearing a gold watch. So it is sure to bring value to your collection of watches. Bid $25.00 and handling is free!

Canadian Encyclopedia Gone are the days when a knock at the door meant a salesman was coming to sell encyclopedias. Now you can buy them online! This beautiful set of three has all you need to know about Canada. These are the only three copies in the world signed by me. At $10.00 per copy, they are a real bargain!

White Fang by Jack London. This is another one of those hard to find editions. Originally bought by the Toronto Public Library.  Subsequently discarded by same. Not popular at the time. Now a collector's item. It even has all the original scribblings librarians made on the book. A bargain at $10.00 if you know anything about collectibles.

Writer's Treasure Chest This delicious copy can be yours for less than a kilogram of oranges! And it is much more juicy. Squeeze every page to the last drop until you acquire excellence in writing. A bargain at $10.00 Free shipping, handling in the GTA.

More Bernstein Most lively front cover I have ever seen. A lovely white leaf. What else? Simplicity at its best. Few copies are sold as originally bound anymore. A man, with a fetish for white leafs has been cutting them out! Get your copy while the leaf lasts! Another bargain at $10.00

Miss Behaving Great yellow words on front cover. Buy it. Ok.  Five bucks, plus $5.00 for shipping, handling and postage.

Brief? At 300 pages this little precious book is not brief but a great companion for writers.  I am giving it away for $8.00 just because it made it to the last of the pack.  Great bargain and value.  Just don't forget to send me a blank cheque for this one.