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Meet the Debtor

Hi, my name is Juan and I have a $29,000 student loan debt. Welcome to my site. In my site you will find out how I manage my finances for a household of three (soon to be four) on a $30,000 yearly gross income as a night pizza delivery guy.

Saving Karyn and Juan

Karyn was a woman who made a website asking people for money to pay off her credit card debt.  Some of you may have tried that idea as well unsuccessfully.  Karyn was able to pay off her debt because she worked at it.  She didn't only relied on donations.  She sold items on eBay as well.   

I decided to tell my own story to show how a person with a low income can manage debt. 

If you want to skip the bulk of my story and just want my money-saving tips, please jump to Part Two

My Story

My debt history starts when I first borrowed money to finance my post-secondary studies. Soon I amassed a $29,000 worth of debt. Because interest is built-in in every monthly payment, the total amount to be paid is more like $40,000. For many people, paying $500 a month towards debt is a real sacrifice. My monthly debt payment represents 20% of my income. About half of which goes towards interest.

Managing Debt 

Managing debt means that you should inform yourself about all the possible ways to reduce your debt.  But managing debt means something else too: that you budget for a vacation.  Managing debt gives you that option.  A vacation should be part of everyone, even if you have a big debt load. Paying back debt does not mean one has to be a slave of the financial world. Your position should be that first is you and then your creditors, not the other way around. If you let your creditors run your life, you will end up having no life at all. So set your priorities well.

Why Blue Beach?

Why not.  Blue Beach is an actual beach in Mexico.  While you are paying off your debt, no one is going to give you a pat on the back.  You have to do that yourself by budgeting for it.  A vacation to a sunny destination could be your pat on the back.  

The Cycle of Life

One day when I was feeling down, I received an uplifting letter from my father who told me that life goes in cycles, that after the bad times good times will come. True enough. But keep in mind that cycles are affected by one's own actions too. If you develop good habits, then you are more likely to live in a good cycle.

Many people without a steady job, for example, may find it very hard to make ends meet. I have been there. But living like that forces one to restrain one's impulses.  One limits one's expenses to the bare minimum.

So, how do I manage to meet my daily expenses while paying off my student debt? It all comes down to being in control of one's expenses. It is as simple as that.

But life for some is not so simple. Families live in a set of complex circumstances.  Perhaps you are very ill and there is no one to support you. I can only tell you what I have done to control my expenses and you may apply my cost-cutting measures as needed or appropriate. One thing I don't count on is on inheriting any major fortune or on winning the lottery. Though if you are the favorite one in your family, you can expect some kind of monetary help. But before you consider this, try showing how good you are at saving money and controlling your expenses. Who wants to give money to a spendthrift?

The Cost of Money

In this world there is no limit to what one can spend money on. The sky is the limit. People have found a way to waste money very efficiently. I don't think that buying things is bad necessarily. The economy revolves on monetary transactions. But isn't it very silly  to take out a $20 bill from an ATM that charges you a $1.50 fee to buy a coffee? You have just been robbed of 13% of $20 in that transaction alone for the benefit of using your own money!

I have many times delivered pizzas to families. As I am about to leave I hear in the background: "Children, dinner is here!".  Granted, the pizza has some nutritional value, but have you considered the cost? The cost includes marked up ingredients, a delivery charge (hidden in the cost) and a tip for the driver.

Controlling your expenses means becoming aware of where your money goes. For this you have to make a list of all your expenses. This all becomes very easy if you have a computer and know a bit of EXCEL.

If nothing else has worked for you, the Blue Beach Debt Guide will help you achieve, not wealth, but financial freedom. Most financial booklets show you a financial curve based on certain figures. But I am not so sure that I want "financial freedom" at age 60. That's a bit too far down the road, don't you think? Financial freedom should come sooner. I am living by the principle that the solution to the problems we encounter throughout our lives lie far closer than we think. We can have "financial freedom" sooner.

What the Blue Beach Debt Guide will do for you...

  • It will help you manage your debt...
  • which might help you get rid of all of your debt,
  • which will relieve your stress,
  • which will conduce you to a happier life (and maybe wealth)

With less stress we can manage our problems better, think more clearly and focus better on the best solutions to our problems.

I am not one for begging or asking for donations for nothing, so if any of my tips save you money, consider making a small donation to me through paypal. Signing up for an account is quick, free and easy! My email address is

and I'll send you a sample of the spreadsheet I use to control my income and expenses in EXCEL. I will also welcome your comments, questions or suggestions. Please send me an email at

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