Welcome to Savannah Ski and Adventure Club

YES...there is an active club in Savannah!  The Savannah Ski and Adventure Club (SSAC) is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed in the late 1960s and incorporated in 1971 by a group in Savannah, GA interested in snow skiing.  The purpose of SSAC is to promote winter recreational sports and activities such as, but not limited to, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, and racing for Members. As our membership grows we may be able to once again coordinate year-round social and recreational activities for our members.

The Savannah club is a member of the Crescent Ski Council, a group of 21 Southeastern ski clubs with almost 5000 members.  The CSC sponsors 2-3 council wide trips each year and membership in our Savannah club allows you to participate in both those trips organized by the CSC as well as sister clubs' trips and activities.
The SSAC is also a member of The National Ski Council Federation.
Membership in our club offers you:
Access to the wonderful ski trips sponsored by the Crescent Ski Council
Access ski trips and other adventures offered by our sister CSC clubs
A chance to get to know snow lovers living in the sunny, no-snow climate of Savannah, GA and the low country
Our club is very small and at this time does not host regular meetings or gatherings.  We keep connected via email.  As our membership grows we will make every effort to increase local events.
You must be a member of SSAC to take advantage of the CSC trips and sister club trips.  Complete your membership today.
Savannah Ski Club,
Sep 4, 2012, 2:17 PM