SC & GA Water Usage & Water Planning

Drought at the Savannah River Rapids (fall-line) 2007 by Tanya Strickland  
          Aerial photo of Savannah River Basin                              Full pool at Savannah River Rapids (fall-line)
                         by freakmonkey                                                         by Tanya Strickland
The current SC Water Plan was issued in 2004.  More work needs to be done to update the plan to account for growth and extreme weather conditions.  The SC SRBAC is working with state agencies to give input on the upcoming revised plan. 
Click here to download the current
SC Water Plan.  
The SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) hydrology section is responsible for the SC Water Plan.  Visit their website to learn more and download publications and water level data across the state.
SCDNR and SCDHEC held a Surface Water Availability Assessment Public Workshop on February 4, 2013  
Other documents & regulations
The 2009 SC Water Assessment is also available (in chapters) on this SCDNR website.
The US Geological Survey (USGS) South Carolina Water Use in 2005 data website.
The SC Governors Water Law Report.
Also, see the Georgia Water Plan.
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