Research Organizations

Research Institutions within the Savannah River Basin:
  • Center for Watershed Excellence (Clemson)  - Was established to work with local communities to identify watershed issues, develop site-based solutions toward economic and environmental sustainability, procure funding sources and provide "one-stop-shop" watershed planning and management support within South Carolina 
  • Clemson University - Clemson, SC 
  • Furman University - Greenville, SC 
  • Georgia Coastal Research Council (GCRC) - Established to provide mechanisms for improved scientific exchange between coastal scientists and decision makers in the State of Georgia, and to promote the incorporation of best-available scientific information into state and local resource management. 
  • Georgia State University - Atlanta, GA 
  • Georgia Tech - Atlanta, GA 
  • Georgia Water Resources Institute (Georgia Tech) - One of 54 Institutions established by the US Congress through the Water Resourcs Act of 1964. The GWRI strives to improve the science and practice of water resources planning and management through education, research, information dissemination, and technology/knowledge transfer programs at the state, national, and international levels.