Water Quantity/Flow Studies

  • New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam Disposition Study, September 8, 2000, (pdf below)
  • Remote Sensing-Based River Fluxes. (Todd Rasmussen, Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources, UGA)
  • Assessment of water resources supply and demand gaps and possible solutions for all Georgia Basins including the Savannah (Ga EPD). (Aris Georgakakos, Georgia Water Resources Institute, Georgia Tech)
  • Sustainable Rivers Project (SRP). (Army Corps of Engineers with the Nature Conservancy).
  • Gravel Bar Dynamics - assess the dynamics of sedimentation at gravel bars. The University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc (contractor for Army Corps).
  • Study of Water Depth in the Canal- Withdraw and Discharge. City of Augusta, Drew Goins.
  • Electrofishing Data for Steven’s Creek. USGS, Paul Conrad.
  • Water Quantity Research. USACE
  • Flood Frequency of the Savannah River at Augusta GA - 1990 Sanders, et.al. (pdf below)

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