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Hoop Goal Construction

Our quidditch goal hoops are broken down into three parts: the hoop, the pole, and the base. The easiest is the pole, which is just a piece of PVC, we used 1 1/4 inch.

The base is a three-way PVC connector screwed securely perpendicular to a two foot long piece of wood. The top connection is where the pole goes, the two on the side are fitted each with a two foot long piece of PVC.

For the hoop we took another three-way PVC connector for the 1 1/4 inch PVC and glued in the side ones with smaller connectors using PVC cement. That way there wouldn't be too much space in there with the hula hoop, but the one end down would fit on the pole. We cut the hula hoop once and stuck the ends in permanently with EP-400 Epoxy Putty.

We also made sandbags to keep them from blowing over. We bought everything at Home Depot except for the hula hoops which we eventually found at Toys 'R' Us. There's a very handy handheld PVC cutter thingy that works really well. Hope this helps! ^_^