posted Sep 19, 2008, 9:42 AM by Imperial Jedi   [ updated Sep 19, 2008, 9:45 AM ]
There is still space to join the Quidditch World Cup 2008!


Featuring: Uniformed Teams from all over the country, competing for the Intercollegiate Cup!

The Current Lineup - may be subject to change

Middlebury College
Vassar College
Princeton University
Rochester Ive's Pond Quidditch Club
Green Mountain College
Boston University
New Paltz University
Carlow University
Occidental College


- Live Music and Entertainers! Fire dancers, jugglers, drummers, and dancers!

- Chemistry Professors from Middlebury College will create exploding potions, while a renaissance A Cappella club will perform, "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble"

- The first ever "SnitchCam" - a bike team with a camera will transmit live footage of the off-field snitch chase to a large outdoor screen on the field!

- Southern style barbecue, tailgaiting parties, candy apples, hot cider, and Fireworks!

- A fully equipped field, with bleachers, official announcers, and tents

- Event coverage by MTV and NPR

- All visiting teams will receive free lodging on the night of saturday the 26th in Middlebury dorms and houses, as well as free meals in its highly ranked dining halls

All equipment and brooms provided. Visiting teams just need to handle transportation for seven to fourteen uniformed players.

The sooner you RSVP the better, though please feel free to RSVP at any time. We will take as many teams as we can possibly find room for, and even if we cap it off, some teams may pull out at the last minute.

Alex Benepe
IQA Commissioner