About Saung Budaya

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Saung Budaya Lincoln Center Promo

SAUNG BUDAYA Indonesian Dance Group was established in 2005 when dance instructor Amalia Suryani came to New York City and held dance workshops at the Indonesian Consulate to Indonesians residing in the city. With the support of the Indonesian Consulate General, Saung Budaya grew and is now a vital part of the Indonesian community in New York in the cultural section. Saung Budaya’s goal is to introduce Indonesia’s culture through dances and music to the Indonesian- Americans residing in New York City and more generally, to the wider public.  A variety of dances from all over the Indonesian archipelago are taught within the group who has performed not only around New York City but also Upstate, Connecticut and New Jersey.  At present Saung Budaya consists of about 30 dancers, mostly students and young professionals.


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