Carl is a post-doctoral research scientist with the Utah Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (since 2010) evaluating factors influencing the competitive interactions between native and exotic salmonids in western rivers. Carl came to Utah from Colorado where he completed his Ph.D. researching the influence of riparian grazing on terrestrial-aquatic linkages and stream food webs.
Carl is interested in understanding how biotic interactions, land-use, and natural disturbance affect the structure of stream communities and population demographics of stream fishes. Specifically, he is interested in understanding the spatial arrangement of populations of fish and aquatic invertebrates in streams and the distribution of habitats across the landscape necessary for these organisms to complete individual life history events. Other primary research interests include understanding factors controlling the flux of invertebrates between streams and riparian habitats and the importance of these subsidies as prey resources for consumer populations in recipient habitats. Current research includes testing for biotic resistance by native cutthroat trout to invasion by exotic brown trout and developing alternatives for the management of naturalized populations of exotic fish species. 
Outside of the lab, and when not conducting field work, Carl and his wife and daughter enjoy fishing from their hand crafted wooden drift boat and hunting throughout the Rocky Mountains.
Dr. W. Carl Saunders
Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Department of Watershed Sciences
Utah State University
5210 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-5210
Contact:  carl.saunders"at"usu.edu