Team Saunders depends on your support, through private donations and corporate sponsorship. We appreciate all the donations and our supporters, without whom we would not be able to compete.

Many different donations are useful to us, not just cash. If you have the resources to support us in another way, such as Air Miles, car rentals, or overnight accommodation near venues where we are training and/ or competing, then please contact us. Team Saunders 470 can offer tax receipts to both Canadian and American taxpayers to make donations tax deductible (contact us for details). All donations and support are greatly appreciated! Please do not hesitate to drop us a line to make a donation or for any other reason.

If you do not wish for a tax receipt, please donate directly to Team Saunders online through Paypal below.

Tax Receipts can be offered to Canadian taxpayers online through Wind Athletes Canada.  Make sure to select "Saunders Brothers" so the donation reaches us!  Thanks again for all the interest and support.