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Thursday, April 21 - Two Regattas done in Palma, Upcoming World Cup Hyeres

posted Apr 21, 2016, 5:19 AM by saunders470

Princesa Sofia and 470 Europeans

We’ve just left Palma de Mallorca after almost a month, with the primary focus on racing. We competed in the Trofeo Princesa Sofia from March 27 until April 2, then immediately got prepared for the 470 European Championships, which began on April 5.
During the qualifying series of Trofeo Princesa Sofia we had some ups and downs; our best finish was 3rd but unfortunately we were over early in race 3 which ended up costing us. We were quite disappointed to miss Gold Fleet by five points because of the letter score. However, racing in Silver proved beneficial as we were able to practice racing at the front of the fleet.  We finished in the top six of an almost forty boat fleet in every race of the series, managing to sail consistently and learning lots through being near the front.
The Europeans, in the same venue as the Trofeo Princesa Sofia, ended up challenging us with a large variety of conditions, including one day of no racing due to unstable conditions.

We were fighting hard for a spot in the Gold Fleet; the level was significantly higher at the European Championship as many teams faced Olympic Trials and had decided to skip the Princesa Sofia event. With only the top 35 making Gold, we knew it would be a challenge. We managed two 8
th place finishes, but unfortunately in the last race of qualifying we made a costly mistake on the second upwind that took us from 12th to 21st. In the end points were extremely tight, and we missed Gold by only two points. Had we finished in 12th in the final race, we would have been in 25th overall instead of 39th, easily making Gold. We were fairly disappointed; it was easy to reflect back on the racing and realize which mistakes had cost us the two points we needed to make Gold. However, there were other strong teams in Silver that made for more learning opportunities and challenging racing.
While our results weren’t quite where we’d hoped, we were able to take a lot away from all the racing experience in such a short time. We’re currently gearing up for the ISAF Sailing World Cup Hyeres, and are excited to put these lessons in action when racing begins here on the 27th.

Sailing World Cup Hyeres

After wrapping up in Palma, we took a ferry to Barcelona and drove some equipment to Hyeres, France. We then had to drive to Santander, Spain to pick up the boat we used at the World Championship in Argentina. The container arrived last week and the Spanish were kind enough to unload it and store our boat until we could travel there to collect it. After completing the 2,100km round trip drive, we’re back in Hyeres setting up the boat (Rudy) and getting ready to begin training! Hyeres is typically quite a windy venue, so we’re going over the boat to make sure there will be no equipment failure in the strong breeze.
Since this is a World Cup event, only 40 boats have qualified to compete, meaning a very high level. For many, this will be the last official regatta before the Olympics in August. We are looking to spend a few days training with a boathandling focus, as we have spent a lot of time racing over the last few months and feel we need to put a bit of emphasis on our manoeuvres to ensure they’ll be as sharp as possible before we get into racing. This World Cup event is only four days of fleet racing, instead of the usual five, plus a medal race. We’re looking forward to getting some time in the boat before we get back into racing, and are ready to push hard for a result we can be proud of. Stay tuned!