Welcome to my personal webpage. I am and economist working as a Senior Research Scientist at Telenor Research. I am also an Associate Professor II at NHH where I am affiliated with the FOOD research project. My CV is available here.


Hump-shaped cross-price effects and the extensive margin in cross-border shopping.(Joint with Richard Friberg and Frode Steen) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 14(2) (2022), pp. 408-38. WP version.

Bank consolidation, interest rates, and risk: A post-merger analysis based on loan-level data from the corporate sector (Joint with Steffen Juranek and Øivind Anti Nilsen) Forthcoming in Journal of Competition Law & Economics. WP version

Lump-sum payments and retail services: A relational contracting perspective (Joint with Teis L. Lømo) Journal of Industrial Economics, 69 (2021), pp. 131-168. WP version.

Competing buyers, rent extraction and inefficient exclusion International Journal of Industrial Organization, 68 (2020).

Upstream merger in a successive oligopoly: Who pays the price? (Joint with Øivind Anti Nilsen and Lars Sørgard) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 48 (2016), pp. 143-172. WP version.

Interlocking relationships and quantity rationing Economics Letters, 146 (2016), pp. 47-49.

Menu contracts and the division of profits in vertical relationships Economics Letters, 138 (2016), pp. 72-74

Working papers and work in progress

Co-location, good, bad or both: How does new entry of discount variety store affect local grocery business? (Joint with Charlotte B. Evensen and Frode Steen) Revise and resubmit in Journal of the European Economic Association.

The effect of cross-border shopping on commodity tax revenue: Results from a natural experiment (Joint with Richard Friberg, Frode Steen and Emil Halseth)

Unemployment shocks, cyclical prices and shopping behavior (Joint with Thor Andreas Aursland and Frode Steen)

Exclusionary contracts and investment (Joint with Greg Shaffer)

Competition in local bank markets: risk taking and loan supply (Joint with Chiara Canta and Øivind Anti Nilsen)

Exclusionary contracts and incentives to innovate

Competition and risk taking in the banking industry: The case of capital requirements

Contact information

Telenor Research; Snarøyveien 30; N-1360 Fornebu; Norway