Welcome to my personal webpage. I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). My CV is available here. I do work in Industrial Organization, with a focus on vertical relations and retailing

My research is listed below.


Upstream merger in a successive oligopoly: Who pays the price? (Joint with Øivind Anti Nilsen and Lars Sørgard) International Journal of Industrial Organization, 48 (2016), pp. 143-172.

Interlocking relationships and quantity rationing. Economics Letters, 146 (2016), pp. 47-49.

Menu contracts and the division of profits in vertical relationships. Economics Letters, 138 (2016), pp. 72-74

Working papers and work in progress

Competing buyers, rent extraction and inefficient exclusion (R&R International Journal of Industrial Organization)

Promotional Allowances (Joint with Teis L. Lømo) (R&R Journal of Industrial Economics)

Hump-shaped cross-price effects and the extensive margin in cross-border shopping (Joint with Richard Friberg and Frode Steen)

Exclusionary contracts and incentives to innovate.

Contact information

Department of Economics; NHH Norwegian School of Economics; Helleveien 30; N-5045 Bergen; Norway


+47 45851219