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AM Radio Tribute Band - Don't Pull Your Love, 4-1-18

Here's a song that was first introduced to me by Danny Eyer, who wasn't able to join AM Radio Tribute Band at Bridgeport Ribhouse on Easter Sunday. He'd broken some ribs in a car accident coming home from work on Tuesday. Thankfully, friends have come to the rescue, meeting a goal of $10,000 for Danny's car accident relief fund in three days.

We will miss Danny's smiling face at our shows for a while, but tonight we welcomed for the first time Mark Walsh, a recording and touring member of Sister Sledge, on guitar. Here's our performance of a Wrecking Crew recording that in 1971 earned a gold record for Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds.
AM Radio Tribute Band performs Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds's "Don't Pull Your Love" at Bridgeport Ribhouse in Bridgeport, Pa., on Sunday, April 1, 2018.