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Tedium is unacceptable

posted Apr 2, 2019, 8:58 PM by Steve Sauer   [ updated Apr 2, 2019, 9:01 PM ]
Recently I came across these words on the Schedule page of my site: “Tedium is unacceptable.” I’d written it on April 1, 2018 — this time, one year ago. It was a mantra that applied to my playing schedule at that time. But does it still apply?

These days, when people ask me how many bands I’m playing in, they probably expect to hear some incomprehensible number of bands. However, I tell them I’m basically in two bands now: The Flamin’ Caucasians and AM Radio Tribute BandBoth bands play a lot. We’ve usually playing private gigs on the nights you can’t find us playing in public, and both bands are constantly adding new material to perform. Tedium is unacceptable.

So that’s how I answer the question. Just two bands.

Then I start mumbling other stuff. Well, there are really three if you include the Amy Winehouse tribute band, Back to Amy. We did just play at Tom N Jerry’s this past month.

Oh yeah, it’s really four bands because I’ve also been playing monthly at Tom N Jerry’s with The Juliano Brothers, sitting in with a combination of those guys and some other handpicked players we call The Juliano “Others.”

But it’s really five bands because I’ve long played with the First Sunday Band, backing the guys from Get the Led Out, whenever their schedules allow — and whenever Juliano “Others” gigs don’t conflict. Paul Hammond & Friends gather at the Ribhouse once a month these days, but I’ve been missing some of them, so really, that shouldn’t count as five bands.

Of course, the band count above doesn’t include groups that form to play one specific gig and go their separate ways afterward. Just two days ago I appeared in one of those, holding down the keyboards, melodica, jaw harp, harmonica and some backing vocals for a complete run-through of The Clash’s album London Calling. That doesn’t mean I’m in six bands.

And why should the number of bands I’m in include studio groups? Of course it shouldn’t. Jessica Smucker has been wrapping up production on her next album, and I’ve been doing a lot of recording for her. And for the first time in that studio, I actually got to record alongside the bass and drums! (I’ll save that story for another time.) That’s not seven bands.

And it’s not eight bands because I have another studio session coming up with… I’m not at liberty to say! But it’s definitely not eight bands.

Like I said a year ago, tedium is unacceptable. And remember, I’m in two bands.