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Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

posted Jul 26, 2017, 11:42 PM by Steve Sauer   [ updated Jul 26, 2017, 11:45 PM ]
The Flamin' Caucasians have released a free MP3 download of Pharrell Williams's song "Happy" featuring me on lead vocals. Visit or click here to download the song. We hope you download this, listen to it and shake your hips — because we want you to STAR IN OUR VIDEO!

Think back to 2013, when Pharrell unleashed his dance grenade and earned a gazillion YouTube hits.
That's the type of video we'd like to recreate — not because we think we can get that many people to watch ours, but because we want to spread some "Happy" to our fanbase.

This video concept depends on your help. We want to feature fan-submitted footage. So smile, shake your hips, and clap along. All we need are a few seconds we can edit in, but if you want to dance to the whole song that would be cool too. We won’t be using your audio, just your visuals, so grab a friend and get movin'!

Be creative with locations. Headed to the shore this weekend? Great, the original video has a beach in it, too! It also shows giant staircases and escalators, train stations, buses and convertibles, parks and bowling alleys, places with trophies and gospel choirs.

Now don't feel obligated to hit these particular spots. If you're reading this in your cubicle, that'll do just fine. If you work at a candy store or your next errand is the flower shop, film yourself there! Just look happy, and clap along as the song says!

To participate, film a video and send it via Facebook Messenger to The Flamin' Caucasians page at deadline is Wednesday, August 9. Thanks in advance for helping us make an entertaining video!