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Last Tuesday Band (formerly First Sunday Band)

The First Sunday Band traditionally performed once a month -- on the first Sunday of each month, as the original name would suggest. This was an exclusive feature at the Bridgeport Ribhouse in Bridgeport, PA. Four or five of us take turns singing lead on two or three sets of rock music.

We like to challenge ourselves to see what all we can do. In the months after Prince died, the First Sunday Band indulged my fantasy of singing "Purple Rain" as a totally cathartic thing for myself.

We also enjoy when visiting musicians we know stop by to jam with us. When Michael Allman stopped by, he fronted a mini-set of Allman Brothers Band material.

By far, our most frequent guests are members of the touring band Get the Led Out. Whenever we get Paul Hammond on guitar and Paul Sinclair on vocals, we play a full set of Led Zeppelin and classic Aerosmith favorites.

Our June 2016 set, part of which was broadcast live on Facebook, included Zep's "Thank you," "Custard Pie" and "Bring It On Home." After these, Sinclair talked about Aerosmith before he went on to covering "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion."

Regular appearances of the First Sunday Band had nearly dropped off when Get the Led Out's touring schedule became too demanding, but Paul Hammond soon gave us a new gig as the Last Tuesday Band (a.k.a. Paul Hammond and Friends).

Here's video of how we'd typically play "Kashmir" together, with Paul Sinclair on vocals:

Some First Sunday Band archival footage:
Some other Paul Sinclair cameos at the Bridgeport Ribhouse:
Me getting to play on the road with Get the Led Out: