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Building Science Boogie Band

In August 2004, I flew into Boston and found my way to a hotel conference room some 45 minutes away, sitting in on highly technical sessions on building energy and air quality. What I didn't exactly know to expect was an amazing nightly afterparty with lots of food and drink, held partly on a huge backyard and partly inside a barn connected to a large house. After each day's rigorous conference sessions, attendees would retire to the "clubhouse" for the largest party I'd ever been to.
But I was industry press, and my understanding of the topics everybody was talking about was shaky at best. Being outnumbered 300 to one by a bunch of experts in building science, I withdrew to a piano. Some attendee asked if I could play some Pink Floyd, so I responded by playing a solo rendition of the entire album Dark Side of the Moon. Next thing I knew, some other attendee brought a guitar over and asked if we could jam out on some reggae tunes.

When the event repeated the following year, others from among the conference attendees were so inclined as to bring their own instruments to perform. As this fleshed out, we had ourselves a full band, and we exchanged contact information to keep in touch all year long about selections for the coming year's jam. Our number of jam participants was also growing, with each member broadening the scope of what we would perform and for how long.

We have kept up the tradition of entertaining at this conference afterparty in Massachusetts, three to four nights every August. In recent years, we have also been asked to perform at various other meetings. We've jammed in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado; and Detroit, Michigan. As one of the band's regulars, Eric Werling, once described to an outsider:

We play a mix of classic rock, blues, a few jazz standards, and a bunch of “building science” tunes – like “Building Science Bum” (Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood), “Should I Suck or Should I Blow” (Should I stay or should I go – the Clash), etc. We’ve also done Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon pretty regularly (Steve leads us all the way through)...

Upcoming performances with the Building Science Boogie Band

The next performances of the Building Science Boogie Band will be held on the Sunday night leading up to Summer Camp, as well as the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights of the conference.

If you are a paid registrant of the 2016 Westford Symposium on Building Science, I hope you enjoy our performances!

Building Science Boogie Jam Sessions!

Any paid registrants attending the conference are welcome to contact us soon if you are interested in jamming with us. All we ask is that you can sing and/or play an instrument and are willing to share the stage (as opposed to hog it). We will need to know a little about your repertoire and what else you're bringing to the table, including:
  • what instrument(s) you play,
  • what instrument(s) you will be bringing,
  • whether you sing (if so, lead or backup),
  • what songs you would like to sing or play from our list,
  • what songs you would like to suggest that aren't on our list,
  • if you have any song parody ideas you'd like us to perform,
  • if you'd like to perform with the band, before the band, or between band sets.
Let us know -- the sooner the better -- so we can make the necessary arrangements.
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