Live work

"What's the name of your band?" It's a fine question to ask, just not a suitable one in my case. See, I might be performing with eight different bands in one month.

Some groups feature me as their regular keyboardist. Others use me as a substitute for their regular keyboardist. Still others without a regular keyboardist enlist me when they just want to have that extra sound on a particular gig. Then there are times I'm backing a solo artist. 

Studio work

Artists' studio projects to which I've contributed include Matt Adams, Sugarcoat, Trial By Fire (Yngwie Malmsteen tribute), singer/songwriter Jason Gray, and blues singer Alicia Maxwell.

Golly, I almost forgot I also have my own single called "No I Ain't From Texas."

Musical instruction

As somebody who developed perfect pitch as a benefit of receiving musical instruction at an early age, I encourage parents to expose their children to using musical instruments and enroll their children a program teaching music theory.

My goal as a music instructor is to instill musical appreciation and know-how with an approach that is equal parts hands-on and theoretical.