Hello, I'm Steve Sauer, a rock/blues keyboardist, church organist and piano tutor from Lancaster, PA. I'm a session keyboardist for live shows and studio recording.

Musicians find me to be a reliable sideman and substitute keyboardist for many styles of music, an ever-evolving repertoire of classic rock and pop, garage rock, prog and neo-prog, disco, funk, soul, blues, oldies and more.

A lot of my experience as a musician comes from:

  • participating in artist-specific tribute bands focused on the music Photo by John Leong Photographyof Led Zeppelin, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bad Company, Amy Winehouse, the Grateful Dead, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Eagles and Foreigner
  • playing and singing with the Philly area's beloved dance/party band The Flamin' Caucasians for the past six (nearly seven) of their 35 years as a band; juxtaposing Justin Timberlake side by side with Floyd Cramer in the repertoire
  • having substituted regularly for 10-piece band the Sofa Kings, including where the band served as WMGK House Band performing pre-show warm-up sets for Eagles, Foreigner, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Steve Winwood, Queen + Adam Lambert, and Styx
  • performing as an original and current member of AM Radio Tribute Band, covering an array of 1960s and '70s material from kitsch to psychedelia; transcending mere piano and organ parts to incorporate crucial horn, string and woodwind parts; accompanying an ensemble cast
  • playing church music for 20 years, currently as director of music including choral and instrumental ensembles, liturgical musician

Performing lends itself to teaching. Whenever I give private music lessons, one of my goals is that my instruction incorporates equal parts hands-on practicality and music theory education. I seek to encourage open thinking about the music: If doing one particular thing sounds good, then doing this other similar thing ought to sound good too.

Guess I should explain the "East Coast Refugee" thing. After basically living close to the East Coast's dear highway I-95 for the first 30 years of my life, I wanted to escape. This led me to a few months of driving, traveling solo, far from any home I'd ever known. My self-guided tour through Arkantennetexassippi enchanted this East Coast refugee. Not only that, but I discovered music is my passion and eventually married an Oklahoman gal whose peculiar accent and sayings still make me laugh.

While we've settled on the East Coast, I'll forever be touched by memories of having been an East Coast refugee -- not that my rambling days are over. In Tennessee I'm saving room for soul burgers from Earnestine & Hazell's in Memphis and meat & three from Arnold's Country Kitchen in Nashville. I did promise Texas in song that I'd be back again; ain't been back yet. There's still an aching in my heart to go back to the blues scene in Clarksdale, Mississippi; they ain't heard the last of me. I long to travel back in the South to sing my songs.
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