Qahtan Tribe قبيلة قحطان
From a Forefather of Abraham
Southcentral Saudi Arabia

People to Know
Salim bin Ali bin Salim Al-Gahtani
Member of the Shūra royal advisory counsel of Saudi Arabia.

Interesting Facts
The QAHTAN of Saudi Arabia bear the name of the legendary figure from whom many Arab tribes trace their roots. This same historic figure is known as Joktan in the Bible, one of the forefathers of Abraham, and the father of 13 children as mentioned in the Table of Nations (see
Genesis 10:25-30, 1 Chr 1:19-27).

Because they have a large range of geographic influence, the “Najdi” Qahtani are sometimes distinguished from the Southern or “Junubi” Qahtani. 

Almodad is the first named son of Qahtan in the Bible. The meaning of names is of utmost importance in the Semitic world (Arabia included). The name Almodad means
“immeasurable” or alternatively “beloved”.

Prayer Points

Pray the Al Qahtanis would know God’s immeasurable love.

May the Qahtan tribe draw water from the river of life and that the Lord of the living would breath new life into the hearts of the Qahtan.

We pray that the Lord would raise up many servants of the Gospel among the Qahtan, who would go out and be lights in the darkness. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”

We pray that the Qahtan tribe would lift up the name of Jesus above all names, and that God’s glory would be furthered through them.

We pray that the Qahtan people would experience the forgiveness of sins as Christ took their sins upon himself. He is said to be the founder of a South Arabian tribe.

Pray that they would take refuge and find eternal life in the wilderness, and that they would thirst to know God.

Pray that the Qahtani people, though their forefather Qahtan is famed far and wide, that they would call out to God as their Heavenly Father, and that they would become sons of the King and be strong in their faith.

Pray that the Qahtan would, like the Queen of Sheba, seek after Godly wisdom, and that they would, like the Wise Men, offer up precious gifts to the King. 

Al Qahtani tribe meats to reconcile with another tribe.

Al Qhatani at a Camel Beauty Contest.