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UPDATE: 2019.11.11 Thalamic Infarct (Stroke)

On 27th of October 2016 I had a partial left thalamic infarct. That means I had a stroke. Basically I was working on rebuilding the balustrades of the third floor balcony of the house I was renting a room in, and one day, I got up late (~ 5 PM) and instead of having something to eat I thought I'd do some work. Not unusual for me. I was squatting down examining some balusters to go into the top long beam I had just cut a groove in, and my knees got achey and I needed to stand. But when I straightened up my vision split. I was seeing two horizontal images one slightly above the other. I squatted down, and it righted itself so I didn't worry myself about it. After another 5 to 10 minutes I had to get up again and my vision split again. So when I squatted down, or sat down it didn't right itself. This worried me so I thought I'd go and search the web. I thought it was just blood pressure as I hadn't eaten. But the computer, this time instead of two monitors had four monitors, and well two keyboards. Typing was strange and difficult, and seeing what would come up was even stranger.

I abandoned the above and went downstairs to have a chat about my condition but October in Sydney is late Spring and nobody was home about ~ 5:30 PM. So I sat down on the lower balcony and waited. Not in a million years did it occur to me I was experiencing a stroke. I thought, blood pressure problems, not having eaten, etc.

Not much later Stephanie and her two little girls arrived. First they parked the car, then they got out of the car, then they got what they needed, and all in time because two little girls have their needs and wants. When they eventually came up I was going to tell Stephanie I was having problems with my vision, but she took one look at me and said "Oh My God!" She didn't seem to listen much to me as apparently she saw what I couldn't. Also apparently I was mumbling, and she was frantically trying to call an ambulance. Well apparently one of my eyes had drooped down and was looking down. Well, obvious now, but it hadn't occurred to me then.

Within ten minutes the ambulance came, and the ambo's came up the stairs, looked at me, then said something to Steph, and then asked me to stand, and this time I had no strength on my right side. I kept falling to the right as I struggled to stand. They grabbed me on either arm and walked me down to the ambulance, and then had me lie in the ambulance stretcher. They cut my paint specked ABC and USyd scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki t-shirt up (I had heard of him but had never been to one of his lectures, nor met him, but did accept a black ABC t-shirt depicting him as a mad scientist that another WHS colleague had given me) and inserted a canulus, and then injected something into my blood stream. Then I was out. For two days.

I woke up in the Royal North Shore Hospital. I tried to get out of bed and struggled with the divider curtains. They did some tests and I was flabbergasted, I could not remember some really basic stuff. I got really depressed then. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I stayed there for ~ 3 weeks, then they moved me to Hornsby Public Hospital, and after sometime in January they moved me to Royal Rehab. By March 9th 2017 I was allowed to go 'home'.

In short, my stroke was supposed to have stabilised, but it is continuing to get worse. My vision is getting worse. My walking balance is getting worse, and my memory is getting worse. So now I struggle to remember names of people I live with, or worked with. Looking at various websites I am not optimistic, but I may make it to my 60's.

Well such is life, and it gets sucher and sucher!


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