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600 Word Vocabulary Test

Feeling Testy?

"How big is yours?" Asked a logastellic leptocephalidan to a verbose lexicographer admiringly. Dont be caught out! Find out how big YOURS is today with this self administered vocabulary test.
Then get your name on The Great List of Literati.

Tattersall's Tattslotto, Powerball & Ozlotto

Work out your odds of winning that first prize in Tattslotto, Powerball, or Ozlotto with my tables of frequencies and probabilities.

Frequency Tables Last Updated On: 6 April 2006.

Vice versae;

"Having unbending intent meant having the will to execute a necessary
procedure by maintaining oneself at all times rigidly within the
boundaries of knowledge being taught. A man of knowledge needed a rigid
will in order to endure the obligatory quality that every act possessed
when it was performed in context of his knowledge.....

Unbending intent was composed of (1) frugality, (2) soundness of
judgement, and (3) lack of freedom to innovate(!)....

It was believed that one had freedom to seek a path. Having the freedom
to choose was not incongruous with the lack of freedom to innovate; These
two ideas were not in opposition nor did they interfere with each other."
-- Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan.

There's more of the above stuff at WWW.

Mr Anon does Electronics 101.

Stone Soup

It's winter down under right now, and there's nothing like a hot bowl of chicken soup, or even better lentil soup with half a head of onion and half a lemon on the side. But if you don't know how to make lentil soup, how about trying my Stone Soup recipe. More recipes below.


You've all heard about how dangerous the internet can be for kids, with things like recipes for home-made bombs, and all that. Well here's a new series on home made recipes; The bachelors guide to survival:

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