Grad School Timeline

Aug 2006: Grad school starts

April 2007: Taped out my first chip - 5T SRAM

July 2007: Taped out my second chip - Bigger, Better 5T SRAM!

Jan 2008: Passed the Computer Engineering Phd Qualifiers! Yay! 

Mar 2008: Submitted to ISLPED 2008, Bangalore 

April 2008: Submitted Poster to c2s2 Annual Review in Pittsuburgh

                  ISLPED paper accepted!

June 2008: Passed my M.S. defense!

Aug 2008: Got my M.S. degree! 

Jan 2009: Second chip works!

                       Internship offered at ARM for summer 2009!

Feb 2009: Submitted to TECHCON 2009

April 2009: Submitted to CICC 2009

May 2009: Submitted to ICCD 2009 and ICCAD 2009

                 TECHCON paper accepted!

                 Interning at ARM, San Jose, till August 2009

June 2009: CICC paper accepted!

July 2009: ICCD paper accepted!

Sept 2009: Patent on asymmetric 6T approved by ARM

Oct 2009: Submitted to ISQED 2010

Nov 2009: ISQED papers accepted!

                 Submitted to DAC 2010

                 U.S. Patent on Asymmetric 6T and split bitline sensing filed

Feb 2010: DAC paper accepted!

April 2010: Another milestone crossed. Passed my Phd Proposal. I am now                          officially a PhD candidate!!

May 2010: Interning at ARM till August 2010

June 2010: CICC and Journal of solid state electronics co-authored papers accepted!

Sept 2010: Submitted to DATE 2011

Nov 2010: DATE paper accepted. Looking forward to my first Eurotrip!

August 2011: The final milestone crossed. Defended my dissertation!!