How to Make XP better? 

Using Yahoo Widget Engine


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If You want to make your XP(or 2000) Desktop look better, without touching any of its internal components, then you've come to the right place. This Page explains you how to make it possible. Lets Start it Point-by-point...

System Requirements

  • 512 MB RAM (Recommended), 256 MB will also do fine..
  • 50MB of Disk Space
  • Windows 2000 sp3 / XP

First of All Yahoo! Widget Engine

Vista Comes with a Handy Side Bar, which give easy access to almost websearch, photo slide show, quick launch etc.
Yahoo Widget engine is a Best software which allows you to do that, by adding widgets.
You can Download the software directly from here..


You need to download some of the widgets, like here
SideBar, Clocks, Quicklaunch, more widgets.


You need to configure the widgets to give them a 'Nice look', Like colorization, Size, etc.
SidePanel: You can select design, color, panel placement etc from preferences
And All others like Clocks, give them colors that match your, wallpaper, for a Good look


Webshots is a program which changes the wallpapers for each time interval (from 15 min to 1 day). You can download the wallpapers from the same website:

Download it from here: Webshots

Windows Settings

  • Fonts (go to display settings, Appearence tab, click on effects, Check the smooth edges of the fonts, select Clear Type)
  • Hide TaskBar (right click on taskbar, select properties, check Auto-hide taskbar)
  • Appearance (go to display settings, appearance tab, select silver, its the best)
  • Move all the icons on the Desktop to a folder somewhere (except My Computer, My documents, Recycle Bin, etc ..What You use more frequently, Limit the icons to 5/6 ).
  • Place the Recycle Bin at any corner of your desktop (see Result image, Left side)

Not Recommended by me (Do Nots)

Window Blinds offers you XP themes, they look awesome, but may harm your system in some way, because they change the shell of the windows. For some reason i uninstalled it once and it left windows unrecognizable. Taskbar gets stuck sometimes
I say 'DO NOT INSTALL' windowsblinds