All things 'you' need to know about me . . Rohit (Click Here to Visit My Blog)

Hi, My name is Rohit, Friends call me Rohit Raj
I am 17 years old, 12th Grade student
Michael Jackson, Most famous personality in the world.
I am a very big fan of him, I have each every song he sang as an adult artist, including the live performances, a Capella's, instrumentals, remixes, demos, radio edits, unreleased, extended, mega mixes, original ones etc, accounting to around 3600 songs which occupy most of my disk space nearly 50% (40GB of 80GB)..

My Interests:

I am interested in science (biology), I want to be a Scientist / a Doctor, which ever favors me.
I always listen to Pop music and as i said earlier I have a very large collection of MJ songs, and sometimes I also listen to these genres - Vocal trance, New Age, Progressive, Classic Rap (Not urban Jams, I hate them), and India music too....

I always want to see a better India, I have some views which when implemented may bring a Big, instead Very Big change in India-For that I have made up a site (For A Better India)
I hate reading books, i mean Novels and other things, I prefer if someone read it out for me..lol

My Hobbies:

I like to surf the web, I am registered in over, more than 100 sites, mainly related to science and technology,
like the ScienceForum .Downloading mp3 songs of MJ, Listening to Music (Pop), Playing with my little sister Dolly.