Blender Training : Session 7 : UV Unwrapping/Texturing Basics


Before going through this lesson make sure you are familiar with Blender Training : Session 6


  1. Setting up UV mapping / Texture Painting Workflow Layout
  2. Adding UV Layer, Default UV projection, Orienting the UV's
  3. Adding another UV Layer and projecting uv's using Smart Projection
  4. 2D/3D Texture Painting
  5. Adding materials and linking textures to various material properties (Color/Diffuse)
  6. Learn about UV Unwrapping using Seams (on the Model from Session 6)
  7. Setup lighting and render the scene
Note: Points 1thru 5 are covered in Part 1

Disclaimer: This is my first time teaching about UV Unwrapping and during the recording there were a few hiccups, so my apologies for the same. My intention is to show you some of the main features of the software and the workflow for doing things in Blender. Thank you for understanding. :-)


Video - Part 1 - Basics

Youtube compression ruined some of the clarity in images. If you want link to the original video, please send me a message (satishgoda at gmail dot com) :-) Thank You..

I did my best to introduce the concept using Blender. For a more general introduction, watch the video below from GuerrillaCG

Video - Part 2 - UV Unwrapping Using Seams

File for doing the exercise FromLastClass.blend

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