Blender Training : Session 6


Before going through this lesson make sure you are familiar with Blender Training : Session 5


  1. Organic modeling (FlowerPot with deformable leaves)
  2. Modeling using various layers
  3. Spinning a edge profile to create an object
  4. Creating a leaf from scratch.
  5. Deforming the leaf using a Curve
  6. Creating groups of objects for easier instancing



  • Enable 3D View : 3D Navigation Add-on and save preferences
  • Scaling buttons in the interface (CTRL+MMB)
Lets model the Flowerpot
  • Creating a profile and aligning it properly
  • Spinning the profile in top view (Spin operator)
  • Removing doubles (W key to invoke Specials menu)
  • Add the Subsurf modifier (By typing the Add Modifier operator in Search Menu)
  • Sculpt the flowerpot for customizing the shape further
Create leaf object in new layer
  • Remove all the vertices and start adding vertices in the shape of a petal/leaf
  • Duplicate one side vertices and mirror (Interactive Mirror Operator)
  • Introduce vertex snapping/constraining
  • Subdividing edges or adding vertices in the middle of two vertices
  • Filling in the faces
  • Flipping the normals (Specials menu (W) and click Flip Normals)
  • Add a solidify modifier and then apply it
  • Add loops so that the leaf has some indentation along the central axis.
  • Back to object mode and try out the Shade Smooth and Shade Flat operators.
  • Create a Curve Path object and resize it to fit the leaf.
  • Add a Curve Deform Modifier to the Leaf
  • Now edit the Curve path and see the leaf deform
    • ALT + S to scale the control vertex
    • CTRL + T to tilt the direction of the control vertex
Creating Groups
  • Select the curve path and leaf and CTRL + G (Create New Group operator)
  • Name the group in the Object properties panels
  • Goto the layer of the FlowerPot and Add -> Group -> your group name
  • Reposition it and change the empty display type
  • Select the Flowerpot and the leaf group instance and create another group
  • Goto layer 1 and add a ground plane and scale it.
  • Add the FlowerPot group instance.
  • Duplicate the newly added instance and reposition it, scale it down.
Editing the actual leaf objects
  • Split the view port into two 3D views.
  • Break the connection between the two viewports by clicking the icon to the right of the layers buttons
  • In the left view port enable layer 1 and in the right view port enable the layer with the leaves
  • Edit the leaf curve paths and see the instances update in real time!

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