Blender Training : Session 4


Before going through this lesson make sure you are familiar with Blender Training : Session 3


  • 3D viewport configuration
  • Transformation pivots (Introduction)
  • Mesh Modeling Tools(Introduction)



User preferences 
Orbit around selection and Turntable
Object transformations around various pivot points

  • Transformations moving only object centers
  • Object translation using just the keyboard G Z 1.2345
Edit mode in 3D viewport
  • Tab key is toggle
  • Switching between vertex/edge/face select mode.
  • Toggling of the manipulator using the hotkeys.
Mesh properties
  • Face normals and vertex normals
  • ALT + S to shrink/flatten along vertex normals
  • Smoothing the mesh and render. Cycle render slot
Loop cut operators
  • Adding loop cuts to improve the shading of the cubes corners. Type values to finely place the loop cuts. Adding multiple loopcuts at once.
  • Edge loop select mode.
  • Face loop select mode.
  • Selecting multiple face loops.
  • Selecting loops and apply shrink/flatten operations.
  • Enabling proportional editing and shaping the mesh.
  • Using various proportional falloffs
Sculpting mode
  • Switch back to object mode and enable sculpting mode
  • Use grab and smooth brushes to shape the mesh.
  • Lets talk about Mesh modifiers
  • Subsurf and its options
  • Create a plane and play around with it.
  • Introduce the extrude operator (E Key)
  • Automatic extrude.... (CTRL + Left click)

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