Blender Training : Session 3


Before going through this lesson make sure you are familiar with Blender Training : Session 2


Thursday, Feb 28 @ 6:15 pm (thru 6:45 pm)

  • Operator and operator properties (Introduction)
  • Proportional editing tools
  • Quick intro to sculpting tools
  • Snapping tools
  • Camera Fly mode
  • Render scene


We basically created a grid object and mangled it using the proportional editing tools followed by some more massaging using the sculpting tools. We also saw how to enable mesh draw types from object properties button...s and view properties buttons. Then we created a cone object and switched to the local view mode and then shifted the vertices while in editing mode so that the object center of the cone lies at its base. Then back to global view and hide the lamp and camera and time to learn about the snapping tools. By creating lots of liked duplicates of the cone they were placed at various orientations over the terrain. Then switched to camera mode and learned about the fly mode to place and compose the scene. And render. We also learnt how to use the operators search menu to frame a selected object, switch between local/global views, render a scene. Finally previewed the Sintel Lite scene and i played the turntable that i had rendered. Assignment for this class is to use all the jazz we have learnt in the 3 sessions and create a scene, add simple materials, light and render by thursday's class.



Create a scene using the concepts learned so far and render an image before the class on thursday.

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