Blender Training : Session 1


Monday, Feb 21 @ 5:45 pm

  • Download, Install and Run Blender
  • User Interface Overview
  • Viewport Navigation
  • Creating a simple scene
  • Assign materials and textures and add lights
  • Render

We started the session with watching the making of a shot in Big Buck Bunny

Download, Install and Run Blender

Blender 2.49b (Old UI)
Blender 2.56a beta (New UI) For our sessions we will be using this version!!!

Preferred way of installation is to download and extract the zip or tar.bz2 files

User Interface Overview

Lets look a case study of a simple project to get a hang of Blender workflow

Final output from the above project

Video Tutorial

Notes from the Video

What is unique about Blender's UI
  • Non-overlapping User Interface (99.5%)
  • Supports all tools necessary for producing CG movies in one seamless workflow.
    • Modeling,
    • Rigging,
    • Texturing (2D+3D),
    • Materials,
    • Lighting,
    • Rendering,
    • Compositing,
    • Video editing

User interface elements (Doc:2.5/Manual/Interface)
  • Application Window
  • Scene
  • Screen
  • Editor
  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Panels
  • Buttons
  • Controls
  • Menu

Viewport Navigation and Preferences

  • Right-click to select objects (can be changed in user preferences, but Blenderheads are used to and prefer right click select!)
  • Mouse buttons
  • Transformation tools(Grab, Rotate, Scale)
  • User preferences and saving default preferences
    • Enable 3D View Navigation addon (Addons are written in Python)
    • Enable Turntable 3D view navigation
    • Enable Rotate around selection
    • Enable Emulate NumPad (For easier switching to front/right/top/persp/ortho views)
    • Custom hotkey for View Selected

Creating a simple scene

  • Adding mesh objects
  • Simple modifiers to create complex objects
  • Placing them using transformation tools and hotkeys
  • Snapping tools

Materials, Textures, Lights

  • Adding basic materials to the scene
  • Adding a light setup and environment lighting for the scene


  • Your first render

satishgoda at gmail dot com