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Creating 3D Animation using Blender - The Basics

Note: This training series uses Blender 2.56a Beta

If you want more information about this training, please drop me and e-mail at satishgoda at gmail dot com.

I would like to thank my Employer Rhythm & Hues Studios for making their training room available for conducting these classes after work hours.

YouTube playlist of all the sessions

Please post questions as a comment on the video link page :-)

Session Notes
Blender Training : Session 1 
  • Download, Install and Run Blender
  • User Interface Overview
  • View-portNavigation
  • Creating a simple scene
  • Assign materials and textures and add lights
  • Render
Blender Training : Session 2 
  • Quick review of first session (Also learn about creating a spot light and re-render)
  • Object transformation hot keys
  • Duplicating geometry (linked duplicates)
Blender Training : Session 3 
  • Operator and operator properties (Introduction)
  • Proportional editing tools
  • Quick intro to sculpting tools
  • Snapping tools
  • Camera Fly mode
  • Render scene
Blender Training : Session 4
  • 3D viewport configuration
  • Transformation pivots (Introduction)
  • Mesh Modeling Tools(Introduction)
  • Creating polygon meshes from scratch
  • Creating edges and faces, manually and automatically
    • Rotating edges around to direct edge flow
  • Cleaning up meshes (triangles to quads and back as needed)
  • Knife tool to create cuts
  • Rip a mesh by disconnecting edges
  • Solidify modifier
  • Snapping cursor to selection
  • Adding subsurface edge creases to control how rounded edges will be on catmull-clark subdivision
  • Array modifier to create repetitive patterns

  • Blender Training : Session 6

    • Organic modeling (FlowerPot with deformable leaves)
    • Modeling using various layers
    • Spinning a edge profile to create an object
    • Creating a leaf from scratch.
    • Deforming the leaf using a Curve
    • Creating groups of objects for easier instancing
    • Setting up UV mapping / Texture Painting Workflow Layout
    • Adding UV Layer, Default UV projection, Orienting the UV's
    • Adding another UV Layer and projecting uv's using Smart Projection
    • 2D/3D Texture Painting
    • Adding materials and linking textures to various material properties (Color/Diffuse)
    • Learn about UV Unwrapping using Seams (on the Model from Session 6)
    • Setup lighting a nd render the scene
    Blender Training : Session 8
    • Separating parts of a mesh into different objects
    • Mirror modeling using modifiers
    • Setting up image planes for modeling from reference images

     Blender Training : Session 9  
    • Mesh Normals and Modeling exercise using Modifiers
    • Modeling using Curves
    • Introduction to Lighting Using Layers

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