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Blender To Houdini Obj Export Import Workflow

posted Jan 22, 2011, 2:28 AM by Satish Goda   [ updated Jan 23, 2011, 6:33 AM ]
This video demonstrates the workflow of exporting blender geometry as obj files and then importing them in Houdini. Then, we can also see how we can easily change the model in Blender and export obj again and quickly reload the geometry in Houdini.

Few things to keep in mind about the default 3D coordinate system in both the applications (although, both of them use a right handed system)
  • In Blender, The +ve Z-axis points up +ve Y-axis points into the screen (When looking from front view, so +ve X-axis points to the screen right)
  • In Houdini, The +ve Y-axis points up +ve Z-axis points towards the observer (When looking from front view. Still, +ve X-axis points to the screen right)
When we export the obj from Blender, the default behavior is that a +90 degree rotation (around the x-axis) is applied to the object, so when we import the object in Houdini, the object is oriented properly. In case we do not let the export plugin apply the roatation, we have two options in Houdini
  1. Rotate the object manually or
  2. Change the default coordinate system of the 3D viewport from the settings.

I made use of the following nodes in Houdini

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