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Blender 2.5x : Lighting : Indirect Lighting using Mesh Lights

posted Feb 9, 2011, 2:05 AM by Satish Goda   [ updated Feb 22, 2011, 12:06 AM ]


In Blender 2.5x, mesh geometry objects can emit light (act as light sources). Without having any light source (point light, spot light) in the scene, we can still have illumination (indirectly). This feature is called Indirect Lighting (using mesh lights). On this page you will find an example of mesh lights and some notes about the technique.

Note: Another form of Indirect Lighting in blender is light (from a point or sun light source) bouncing off of objects and indirectly illuminating scene geometry. You can find examples of that at this link.

Setup #1

The following is my setup. To learn how to set a scene yourself, please click here or here

Download .blend file

In the demo video, I was experimenting with various values for the "Error" attribute, ranging from small values (for which the mesh lighting is smooth) to large values (where the mesh lighting is blocky)

Setup #2 : Cornell Box

The Cornell model was provided by my friend Tejas Trivedi

Download .blend file

I did various test renders and documented the values used in the following slide show ...

An older experiment

I did the following test when the feature was first added in Blender

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Further Reading

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