November 13-18, 2009
- Quick & fun sketches at the hospital

My mother was hospitalized for a week because of illness and I was there most of the time with her (Girish, Dad, Pedda mama, Arun also were there sometimes). Whenever a chance came I did not hesitate to sketch (Arun was model for most of my sketches). I even made mom sketch. :-)

Sketching was done using recently purchased compacted charcoal stick, which is more easier to handle than raw charcoal stick. Also have Sudha dry color crayons using which I quickly sketched my scanner (to be uploaded).

Sketch by Mom

Where is Arun's head?

A caricature of a famous Bolloywood hero

My Scanner

Arun's shoe, modified a bit while sketching.

A view of the hospital room. zombie is Arun :-D

Arun's Portrait

November 12, 2009 - Old stuff
Found the following paintings while browsing my hard disk. I used ArtRage to paint them.

As I have not been using ArtRage since many years, I went to their website and by chance came across the following 3 awesome tutorials. I plan to acquire an iBall 8060U Pen Tablet soon and get started with Digital Painting. :-)

November 6, 2009 - Hard Rock Cafe
Sketched this while hanging out with my friends at Hard Rock Cafe. They are visiting from IIT Mumbai.

Hiral, Kapil, Nitin, Chirag, Shobit, Guarav and I went there.

And did I say that Hard Rock Cafe at GVK One mall rocks!!!

November 1, 2009 - Some cartoon character :-/


October 31, 2009 - Complex still life sketch: My office desk

October 20, 2009 - Quick sketches at work


October 12, 2009
- Mouse and Mini Cooper

  Sketched at work looking at the scale model on desk.
 Sketched at home looking at my mouse

October 11, 2009 - Chappal

Drawing gone bad...
Much better i guess...

October 10, 2009 - Weird walking bird


October 9, 2009 - Doodle
 A quick sketch I made today...

October 5, 2009
- Wakizashi

Tried sketching my prized Wakizashi Samurai sword dummy. Well the outcome no way resembles the original, so gonna try again after some days...

October 1, 2009
- Brewing Storm

Sketched using charcoal. This sketch is based on the image at this link..