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My name is Satish Goda and I hail from the Republic of India. This website is here to journal
my day to day endeavors relating to Art, Photography, Programming and creating 3d images using Blender. I like documenting things for later reference so the internet is an ideal place for it, because some of my stuff might be useful to others and also I can make friends from all over the world.

I work as an Educator at Rhythm & Hues Studios, India (Hollywood Animation & Visual Effects Company). Very soon I will be finishing 4 years at the company. Although my background is in Mechatronics Engineering (B. Tech) and Computer Science (M.S.), my proclivity was towards Art since childhood (My father is a theater artist). So after finishing my Masters degree, i have been striving to get my head around fine arts by teaching myself the skills using Internet, reading books and also learning from my colleagues at work.

If there is something I am very passionate about, it is about this Free and Open Source Software called Blender.I have been using Blender since 2001 and go by the name of 'iluvblender' amongst the Blender community over the internet. I have been improving my artistic skills by creating artwork in 3D using Blender. I recently met Ton Roosendaal (the original Creator of the software ) and a bunch of Blenderheads while at SIGGRAPH 09 at New Orleans. You can see the photographs here. I help educate folks interested in learning Blender via the Internet and also in person.

Another avenue for me to express my artistic side is Photography. This is my way of capturing everyday life as I see it. And it gives me joy to wait for the right moment to capture a photograph. Currently I am using a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS1. After photographing, I process most of my images using Picasa to color correct, etc.,. My Google Picasa album can be viewed here. And my Flickr Photostream is here.

Since we are living in the information age, I use social networking, video blogging etc., to put my thoughts out there on the Internet. There are lots of opportunities out there for the taking. You can find me at the following links on the internet.


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I am ever thankful to my Parents, siblings, relatives and friends for encouraging me, respecting my ideals and thought process and
giving me strength.

Well that's about me, If you would like to get in touch, you can contact me at satishgoda at gmail dot com.

Satish. :-)
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