it is an easy thing to play games....

but to program an engine that produce that game is a challenge and means a lot of work,patience,reading books,solving equations,exchanging ideas,testing,reviewing,optimizing and testing... 


some of those demos are old ( 2/3 years ago ) , and others are a subset of the Whole work that is not available

online because of the restrictions of the Company i was working in.

2D Stuff

3D Servical Simulation


GUI System

path finding


The Demos Include :

AI ( pathfinding - behaviour of enemies )

Physics ( car physical model using the ODE )

Game Programming ( 2D games made using Torque2D )

GUI Controls ( Hierarchical Set of Controls needed for Games )

Simple Billiard Game

3D Servical Simulation of Elevators in Buildings

GUI Editor ( not finished... )


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