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The South Asian American Theater Conference
will be held in conjunction with
the Second National Asian American Theater Conference


June 5-8, 2008

The conference will focus upon the reading and discussion of new works. Held at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis/St. Paul, the local co-hosts will be Mu Performing Arts and Pangea World Theater.

For more information:

NAATC Steering Committee

Asian American Theater Company
San Francisco, CA

Asian Arts Initiative
Philadelphia, PA

East West Players
Los Angeles, CA

Ma-Yi Theatre
New York City, NY

Mu Performing Arts
Minneapolis, MN

National Asian American Theatre Company
New York City, NY

New World Theater
Amherst, MA

Pan Asian Repertory
New York City, NY

Pangea World Theater
Minneapolis, MN

Second Generation
NewYork City, NY

Teada Theater
Los Angeles, CA