The South Asian Theater Arts Movement

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Are you an established or emerging professional in theater, dance, spoken word or other performance arts?

Are you an arts administrator, designer, producer, publicist, funder or academic interested in performing arts?

If so, join the South Asian Theater Arts Movement!

The South Asian Theater Movement (SATAM) is a U.S. based movement developing in the following areas:

  • Theater Arts Network
  • Archive Project
  • Online Community
  • Artistic Development Initiative
  • South Asian American Theater Arts Festival
  • Conference in June 2008


In summer of 2006, sixty theatre companies and individual artists attended the first National Asian American theatre conference,
The Next Big Bang,
held in Los Angeles, California.  Surprised at the South Asian presence, an impromptu meeting was held by South Asian artists attending.   Using the larger Asian American theater movement as a model, the idea emerged to join as a community and create a national presence for South Asian Theater Arts.


Desiring to keep the momentum going, the Silk Road Theatre Project, the only multicultural theatre to have a permanent venue in Chicago, took the lead and hosted the first national South Asian American theatre arts conference, Desi Drama, in July 2007.