First National Conference: Desi Drama
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Over 25 theater arts professionals from California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Washington, D.C. and Germany were invited to attend DesiDrama in Chicago, funded primarily by The Ford Foundation with additional support from the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS).  In an intimate setting provided by the Silk Road Theater Company, deeper conversations focused on the challenges associated with being a theatre professional of South Asian heritage, and mapping strategies for building a South Asian theatre arts movement.

At the First South Asian American Theatre Arts Conference the following initiatives were developed:  


·        The Theater Arts Network is establishing an alliance of existing production companies to commission and co-produce original work.


·        The Archive Project is working to find a permanent institutional home to preserve the rich body of South Asian theater arts that have been and will be produced, as well as searching for new venues to disseminate these works.


·        The Online Community is nurturing a visible theater arts network via online resources and information sharing.


·        The Artistic Development Initiative is creating master classes and mentorship opportunities for performers, choreographers, writers, directors, arts administrators, and others.


·        The Steering Committee is coordinating the other initiatives and is working to establish a South Asian American Theater Arts Festival and Conference.

Group photo and Attendees

Welcome Letter (2007)

Agenda (2007)

Report of Desi Drama (Coming Soon)