by Da Vinci's Lab
- Math and Science learning for Central Oregon High School Students

Get ready for the June 2nd SAT test and receive high school credit* at the same time!!
* Sisters High School students only

Registration deadline extended to Friday January 27th.  First class January 29th.

This course will guide you through the math, reading, and writing portions of the SAT test using the PrepMe Learning Platform.  Using PrepMe your program of study will be tailored to what you know, and more importantly what you don't know.  The PrepMe portion of the course is individualized study and learning.  

But ... we will also meet as a group 8 times between January 29th and May 19th. These sessions will focus on overall test strategies including time management, problem layout, and elimination stratgies.  We will focus on individual math, reading, and writing strategies in follow on sessions.  At the end of the class, you will take a practice test that is proctored and timed just like the real test.  

This is not an easy course.  It requires weekly work on your part, 4 to 7 hours per week.  However, the benefits are immense -- getting into the college of your choice and being well prepared for college. 

Cost for the course is $250.

Next steps:
1) Review the "Overview" page.
2) Review the "Course Schedule" page.  
Make sure that you can make each of the meeting dates.  Attendances is mandatory at these sessions.  If you miss a session, you can still continue with the course, but you will not receive school credit for the course.
3) Review the "Learning Contract" page.
This specifies, in detail, the requirements for the course and obtaining credit.
4) Register by calling 541-279-676.
5) Attend the first session.