Welcome to Sassy Choir!

Sassy Choir is a new.  Not just any 
old choir where you come along and sing lots of lovely songs - probably 
in harmony.  

Sassy Choir is a choir for everyone - especially people who think "but I 
can't sing", as in Sassy you will sing with your hands as much as with 
your voices, using the simple "Makaton" signing system.  Think 
"Mr Tumble" of CBeebies!  

But this choir is definitely for adults - although it would appeal to families. Yes, there will be some harmony singing , sometimes, but  the emphasis is on the melody of the songs, and there will be no sheet music - no "reading". You can't read music and wave your hands about, can you? By signing the songs the voice is freed 
up and singing comes much more naturally.  Its like magic! 

So "Sassy" stands for "Sing And Sign with Sharon & Sue", and Sassy means......have fun! 

Sue will lead you in the songs, which will be fun and easy to learn...

They will include songs by:
Bruno Mars, 
Elvis Presley, 
Kool and the Gang,
Miley Cyrus, 
The Monkees, 
One Direction, 
Sam Cooke, p
lus your requests.

Contact Sue: 07854 822 809

See Sue's other site:

Sue is an experienced singing teacher, musician and performer, who helped one school to obtain its "Gold" Sing
Up award. She teaches adults and children and has run two choirs.

You are in safe hands with Sharon, even if she is a bit of a Pirate!  She is an expert signer and formed one of the first Adult/Community signing groups in the South West.

Sharon and Sue hope you will enjoy learning to sing songs and sign along using "Makaton" signing system, for which Sharon is a Regional Instructor and a South West Champion!

Sharon and Sue work with children 
and adults, have full CRB clearance, 
(and MU membership insurance) and 
are currently Devon Adult Continuing 
Learning Tutors.  

For more information on DACL courses, go to

Contact Sharon: 07725 363 380

Look Out for a Sassy choir near you! 
It's fun and an all-inclusive new way 
of singing with Makaton hand signs 
that everyone can do.