Training Services

- Group sessions help build confidence and socialization. Class sizes are small to ensure everyone receives quality care. Please make sure that before attending a group class, your dog is ready. If there are social or aggression issues, your dog may first have to receive private lessons before attending a group class.

In-Home Sessions - Gives you the training experience in the comfort of your own home. Get one-on-one guidance and targeted instruction to better solve day to day behavioral issues.

Private lessons - One-on-one sessions with social outing experiences. Lessons are conducted at parks, vet clinics, parking lots, etc. to help build confidence and socialization in your pet, and resolve behavioral issues that surface in public.  
******Proper Socialization- Socializing your dog means that you should introduce him/her to as many experiences and situations as possible in a positive way. A.K.A. bikes, men, women, children, other dogs, cats, cars, trucks, buses, vet offices, etc.*********
****** Behavior Assessment & Modification- Socializing your dog is not the key to every situation. Behaviors may need to be modified or reassessed for the best results. This can take time. I discourage rushing a dog through the training process as this could backfire. Remember, for every step forward, you might need to take two steps back. The 6 week training program is merely a guideline as to how long it may take to train your dog. Every dog learns differently and at their own pace. 

Owners are responsible for supplying treats, appropriate collars and leashes (a tight fitting buckle collar, and a 6’ leash with a handle) - NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES! 
Owners attending group classes must attend a free orientation to sign paperwork and receive the training package. In-home and private sessions will receive a free consultation before sessions start. 

*****Acceptable treats: Treats must be the size of a pea. Therefore, they must be a soft treat that can be broken up into smaller pieces if necessary.  Kibble, cheese, peanut butter, baby food, liver, hot dogs and hamburger (cooked) are also recommended treats. Dogs with a low drive but are food motivated may need a treat that is more enticing to them. We recommend using only kibble for young puppies. This teaches them to earn their food. 
                                         ***********************Dogs should be trained on an empty stomach. DO NOT feed your dog for at least 6 hours before a training session for best results***************

                                                                       ************For dogs who are not food motivated, we will use their favorite toys and playtime as a reward instead.****************** 


Single In-Home Sessions: $35
6 Week (or 6 session) In-Home Package: $180 (a savings of $30!)

Single Private Sessions: $35
6 Week (or 6 session) Private Package: $180 (a savings of $30!)

Single Group Sessions: $30
6 Week (or 6 session) Group Package: $160 (a savings of $20!)

*****Please note that training is a process. It requires patience and time. Results will vary depending on the dog's learning ability and the owner's commitment to the training program. All programs require owners to do training on their own. But I am available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way. For dogs who need more than six weeks of training, we may need to extend their sessions or add privates to get you to your goals. *****