My philosophy is that dogs should be dogs. Curious and inquisitive by nature, dogs like to investigate their surroundings.  I offer cage free grooming as a way to keep pets less stressed throughout their grooming experience. This means that dogs are allowed to roam loose in the grooming area and socialize with other canine customers. 

My goal at Sassafras Pet Spa, LLC, is to make sure all pets are happy, healthy and safe, so dogs must be tolerant of others. If there are any conflicts, all culprits will be crated for the remainder of their visit. Cats are kept confined and typically groomed when there are no dogs present.

I also offer therapy treatments to better the grooming experience. I offer aromatherapy to help settle the nerves of the anxious pet; hydrotherapy to help soothe the achy joints of an elderly pet; hot oil treatments to rebuild damaged skin and coat; and mud bathes to help cleanse and rejuvenate skin pores.

As social animals, cage free grooming gives dogs the opportunity to make friends with other customers. I feel it is important for my human customers to make the same bond with each other. Therefore, I offer a social setting for people as well as for their pets. I offer indoor and outdoor waiting areas, with complimentary coffee and treats. I encourage customers to enjoy each other’s company while they wait for their pets. Customers are also encouraged to venture down to historic Canal St. which is within walking distance of Sassafras Pet Spa.

These days, our animal counterparts are more than the family pet. They are our friends, our treasured companions and our emotional supporters. Here at Sassafras Pet Spa, LLC, we offer the best of care for your beloved furry friends.

Remember, D.O.G. is simply G.O.D. spelled backwards. They are the closest thing on earth we will get to unconditional and everlasting love.