From a very early age, I always knew I was destined to work with animals. Throughout my youth, I was known to rescue injured wildlife. From squirrels electrocuted on the power lines, to birds caught in the clutches of a neighborhood cat, every animal meant something special. Despite how much the surprise house guests drove my mother crazy, my love of all animals only grew with age.  

By my teen years, the rescues had become ever more elaborate. Surprising my mother one evening with an orphaned fawn, certainly iced the cake (considering we were living on the third floor of an apartment complex at the time). So, I began working for local shelters and vet clinics, trying to figure out how to combine a passion with a career. It was then that I was introduced into the world of pet grooming. At the age of 19, I attended Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, KY, and graduated in October of 2003. 

After a year of grooming in Kentucky, I decided to move back to my home town of Lexington, VA. In July of 2005, I co-bought Rocking Horse Doggie Day Camp, and began to expand my career into the exclusive field of dog training and behavioral assessment. In September of 2009 I graduated from Animal Behavior College as a certified dog trainer. By 2010, I decided it was time to broaden my horizons and explore some more of the world. So I packed my bags and moved to Orlando, FL to take a grooming job there, without entirely knowing where this road might lead. Two years later, deciding that I was still a small town girl at heart, I moved to New Smyrna Beach, FL (a beloved vacation destination for my family).

Now having nine years of grooming experience, and three years as a certified dog trainer, I am currently attending Florida Tech, to pursue a degree in Psychology. My goal is to eventually combine the art of animal training with the mental and emotional healing of people. And thus, we have journeyed back to the present, where I have met a lifelong goal….to open my own business and help secure the bond between owners and their pets, through good looks and good temperaments.