Throat exercises for Sleep Apnoea

Oropharyngeal Exercises for OSA

Exercise 1

Slowly open and close your mouth to its full extent, making sure the lips meet when closing.

Exercise 2

Pucker your lips (as if about to kiss). Hold for a count of 10. Relax.

Exercise 3

Spread your lips into a big, exaggerated smile. Hold. Relax.

Exercise 4

Mix Exercises 2 & 3: Pucker-Hold-Smile-Hold.

Exercise 5

Try to pucker with your mouth wide open, without closing your jaws together. Hold & relax.

Exercise 6

Close your lips and press them tightly together.

Exercise 7

Close your lips firmly, then make a "slurping" noise, as if sipping a drink.

Exercise 8

Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Be sure your tongue comes straight out of your mouth and doesn't go off the side. Hold, relax and repeat several times. Work toward sticking your tongue out farther each day, but still pointing straight ahead.

Exercise 9

Stick out your tongue and try to reach your chin with the tongue tip. Hold at the farthest extension.

Exercise 10

touch your nose with the tongue tip. Hold at farthest extension.

Exercise 11

Stick out your tongue. Hold a spoon upright against the tip of your extended tongue and try to push it away while your hand holds the spoon in place.

Exercise 12

Repeatedly stick your tongue in and out as fast as you can.

Exercise 13

Flick your tongue from corner to corner as quickly as you can.

Exercise 14

Move tongue all around your lips in a circle as quickly as you can, making sure you stay in constant contact.

Exercise 15

Open and close mouth as quickly as you can, making sure your lips close each time.

Exercise 16

Say "Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma" as quickly as possible, ensuring there's an "em" and an "ah" sound each time.

Exercise 17

Repeat with "La-La-La-La."

Exercise 18

Repeat with "Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka" as quickly and accurately as you can.

Exercise 19

Repeat with "Kala-Kala-Kala-Kala"

Exercise 20

Gargle loudly with warm water.

Exercise 21

Sing through the vowel sounds (A-E-I-O-U) as loudly as you can (or dare). Songs like "Old McDonald Had a Farm" are also good.

Adapted from: many websites that teach how to improve speach performance. You can find these exercises scattered online. You just need time to find them all.


Although some patients with sleep apnea have success with oropharyngeal exercises, the results are not consistent enough to be formally recommended.